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Pure Bookings was established in 2014 off the back of the success of Gearbox Digital. The newly formed agency was the launch pad for artists such as Rebelion, Malice, Rooler, D-Sturb, Ncrypta, Luminite and others during the early years. The agency has since gone on to be recognised as the outstanding agency for developing talent – and now, after 9 years of experience in the game, Pure Bookings is one of the most established agencies that hosts some of the most exciting names in Raw Hardstyle such as Mutilator, Fraw, Anderex and many others.

Owner and CEO, Phil Macdonald, is one of the most experienced agents currently working in the Raw Hardstyle, and with the support of his team, Tom Stoop (booking agent) and Floris Van De Peppel (Advancing Agent), they are one of the reliable and efficient teams to help guide artists through their DJ career and help promoters make the right choices for their parties.

At Pure Bookings, we prioritize delivering excellence through our efficient and reliable services. Whether you are an artist looking for representation or a promoter seeking to elevate your events, we are here to assist you at every step of the way.

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